Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Three Tips for Learning New Languages

Possessing more than four decades of experience in the social work and mental health fields, Patricia Lynn Hough serves as staff supervisor at St. Francis Animal Shelter in Venice, Florida. In addition to her role at the no-kill animal shelter, Patricia Lynn Hough fills her time by studying foreign languages and is proficient in German, French, and Spanish.

Whether you want to learn another language for a career or to satisfy your own passion, becoming multilingual may seem almost impossible. Below are three ways to enhance foreign-language learning:

Start with a language core
The core of any language involves words that express images, memories, emotions, and colors. By learning the core of a language first, you are more capable of thinking in your target language and keeping it alive in your head. This makes it easier to learn additional aspects of a language and reach fluency.

Focus on your passion
Learning a new language is always difficult, no matter how many other languages you know. To ensure you stay motivated throughout the learning process, focus on choosing languages that you are passionate about. Without passion driving your motivation, learning a language is less likely to be successful.

Optimize your time
Rushing the process is one of the worst things you can do when learning a language, because it keeps you from understanding the proper accents and refining your knowledge. Instead, optimize your time by scheduling specific times to practice every day. To maximize efficiency, try practicing while cooking, commuting, or working out.

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