Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Three Tips for Learning New Languages

Possessing more than four decades of experience in the social work and mental health fields, Patricia Lynn Hough serves as staff supervisor at St. Francis Animal Shelter in Venice, Florida. In addition to her role at the no-kill animal shelter, Patricia Lynn Hough fills her time by studying foreign languages and is proficient in German, French, and Spanish.

Whether you want to learn another language for a career or to satisfy your own passion, becoming multilingual may seem almost impossible. Below are three ways to enhance foreign-language learning:

Start with a language core
The core of any language involves words that express images, memories, emotions, and colors. By learning the core of a language first, you are more capable of thinking in your target language and keeping it alive in your head. This makes it easier to learn additional aspects of a language and reach fluency.

Focus on your passion
Learning a new language is always difficult, no matter how many other languages you know. To ensure you stay motivated throughout the learning process, focus on choosing languages that you are passionate about. Without passion driving your motivation, learning a language is less likely to be successful.

Optimize your time
Rushing the process is one of the worst things you can do when learning a language, because it keeps you from understanding the proper accents and refining your knowledge. Instead, optimize your time by scheduling specific times to practice every day. To maximize efficiency, try practicing while cooking, commuting, or working out.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Two Independent Film Festivals to Attend in Florida

With experience ranging from psychiatry to charitable medical service in foreign countries, Patricia Lynn Hough now serves St. Francis Animal Rescue as its staff supervisor. In her leisure time, Patricia Lynn Hough enjoys attending independent film festivals.

Independent film festivals have sprung up all over the country and continue to offer a unique opportunity for visitors to experience a diverse range of creative films. The state of Florida is home to at least two of these, the Miami Independent Film Festival and the Melbourne Independent Film Festival.

The Miami Independent Film Festival just completed its second year. Founded in 2015, the first annual festival took place in 2016. The following year, the event received more than 900 film submissions from 64 nations. For more information about this festival and how to attend next year's event or to make a film submission, visit www.miamindiefest.com.

The Melbourne Independent Film Festival will take place from October 20th through 21st at Premiere Theaters Oaks Stadium 10. This year's event includes the Tie Up Loose Ends script competition in which competitors take an existing script and finish it themselves. Filmmakers then film the winning script ending and present it at the festival. For more information, visit www.melbournefilmfest.com.

Monday, July 3, 2017

JAMA Studies Suicide Rates in Discharged Psychiatric Patients

Holding an MD, a PhD, and an MSW, Dr. Patricia Lynn Hough has served in a variety of roles that have allowed her to help patients in a wide range of settings. From 2009 to 2013, Dr. Patricia Lynn Hough served with the Sarasota County Department of Health, providing psychiatric care to patients who had no insurance coverage.

According to a recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association Psychiatry, patients discharged from psychiatric facilities have a much higher suicide rate. Researchers pooled data across five decades for the study, which found that recently discharged patients were 100 times more likely to commit suicide within 3 months of being discharged.

Further, the study suggests that patients who reported having suicidal thoughts upon being admitted to the facility had an even higher suicide rate, which was nearly 200 times the normal population rate. Over the 50 years that researchers studied, this rate did not decrease. Based on this data, the study authors say that strong efforts should be focused on addressing this increased suicide risk.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Great Reasons to Adopt a Rescue Dog

A former senior physician at the Sarasota County Department of Health, Dr. Patricia Lynn Hough has a career in public health that spans more than four decades. In her current role, she serves as staff supervisor at St. Francis Animal Rescue in Venice, Florida.

Adopting a rescue dog affords a pet owner several benefits compared to purchasing a newborn puppy from a breeder. Here are three reasons why a rescue animal may be a better fit for your household:

1. The majority of dogs that are housed in rescue shelters have already been house-trained. By adopting a rescue dog, the owner can bypass much of the frustration that comes with having to train a puppy to use the bathroom outside and not chew furniture. 

2. For dogs that have been fostered, the potential owner gets the benefit of knowing how the dog will behave in a home environment before taking the pet home themselves. This is especially helpful for owners who already have animals in the house since it will be important to know if the dog can get along well with other pets.

3. Rescue dogs have already been vaccinated, as well as spayed or neutered. Therefore, when potential owners choose to adopt from a shelter, they know they are getting an animal that has undergone thorough health screenings by trained personnel.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Three Mistakes Yoga Beginners Often Make

Since January 2016, Dr. Patricia Lynn Hough has served as the staff supervisor for the St. Francis Animal Rescue of Venice, Florida. Outside of Dr. Patricia Lynn Hough’s work with the shelter, she practices yoga. 

There are a number of mistakes common to new students of yoga. Avoiding these mistakes will help you get the most out of your practice, both physically and mentally. 

1. Wearing Loose Clothing - Many beginners mistakenly assume loose clothing will hide their bodies, leaving less to the imagination than the tight clothes you often see in a yoga class. In actuality, the tight clothing does more to protect your modesty, as loose clothing is more likely to slip or fall off. 

2. Pushing Too Hard - Many beginners have the misconception that yoga will be a breeze, especially if they have a history of sports or strenuous exercise. While yoga may be simple, it is not always easy. Yoga stretches and works deep muscle tissue, requiring careful attention to avoid strain or injury. While it might be a good idea to push yourself to your limit on the basketball court, beginners may want to reconsider that approach on the yoga mat. Yoga is not a competition. 

3. Unhealthy Comparisons - Since yoga is not a competition, there is no point in comparing yourself to others, especially more experienced practitioners. Comparing yourself to an expert will likely leave you overwhelmed and intimidated, and may even lead to jealousy. If framed correctly, however, comparison can be healthy: instead of asking why you cannot do what they can, ask what it will take to get there, and use the experts as inspiration and motivation.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Salvadoran American Humanitarian Foundation's Hunger Reduction Work

Leveraging over 40 years in the healthcare and social work fields, Dr. Patricia Lynn Hough worked four years as a director of projects for Proyecto Salud, where she was responsible for the administrative work behind numerous health-related projects in Central America and the Caribbean. Prior to accepting the position, Dr. Patricia Lynn Hough served three years as a medical volunteer for the Salvadoran American Humanitarian Foundation (SAHF).

Since its creation in 1983, SAHF has fostered a tradition of supporting El Salvador's hospitals with medical supplies and volunteer hours, as well as working to reduce hunger rates in the Central American country. The foundation launched Libras de Amor, which translates to Pounds of Love, in 2004 to fight malnutrition, primarily targeting families with children under five years old, as well as expecting mothers.

There are currently 18 communities being served by teams consisting of a doctor, nurse, nutritionist, agronomist, entrepreneurial technician, and two nutritional promoters. The program started in Apaneca, a community that had malnutrition rates as high as 47 percent. Over time, malnutrition rates have dropped significantly in most of the 18 communities, including Apaneca, which has now reached a low of 11 percent.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Must-Try Thai Dishes

Holding an MD and a PhD in sociology and social psychology, Patricia Lynn Hough was a psychiatrist and assistant professor for more than a decade. Now semiretired, she serves as the staff supervisor at St. Francis Animal Rescue of Venice, Florida. In her free time, Patricia Lynn Hough enjoys experiencing different cultures and their cuisines, including food from Thailand. 

Thai cuisine features unique flavors and aromas that have helped certain dishes become popular around the world. Other Thai dishes are just as flavorful but less well-known. Below are a few Thai dishes worth trying regardless of their popularity.

- Laap. A rustic dish that originated in northeast Thailand, laap consists of minced meat seasoned with a variety of herbs, fish sauce, and rice powder. The dish is frequently served alongside sticky rice, which most Thais eat by hand.

- Tom Yum Goong. Combining salty, sour, sweet, and spicy into one dish, this soup contains tomatoes, shrimp, mushrooms, and lime leaves. The soup can be ordered with cream and coconut milk.

- Phat kaphrao. This street food brings together flash-fried meat and basil along with plenty of garlic and chili seasoning. The mixture is served over rice and frequently is topped with a fried egg.

- Gang massaman. Originating in southern Thailand, this sweet curry sauce is made from coconut milk, curry paste, and seasonings and is usually served over chicken and rice.