Monday, January 30, 2017

Ensuring a Healthy Diet for Your Cat

Patricia Lynn Hough is a former psychiatrist who stays active in a supervisory capacity at St. Francis Animal Rescue (SFAR), a Venice, Florida, no-kill shelter. With a longstanding passion for animal health and welfare, Patricia Lynn Hough ensures that the cats at the cage-free facility have the proper medications and are prepared for adoption by loving owners.

Adopting a cat is a long-term commitment that begins with keeping the pet happy and healthy. A cat's stomach is not designed for the same foods eaten by humans, so learning to feed the cat the right kind of food is important. 

Generally lactose intolerant, a cat may get an upset stomach or worse if it is fed dairy products such as cheese and milk. Even commercial cat treats may present an issue if they are given too often, which can result in obesity and corresponding health issues. 

The way to avoid these problems is to feed the cat a nutritionally complete cat food made by a respected company. Most cats, given a choice, prefer a combination of canned and dry food. To avoid overfeeding, carefully read the cat food labels and set out an amount of food that is appropriate for the age and weight of the cat.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Yoga on My Wii Fitness Board

I am having difficult time making it to the fitness center to do classes in yoga.  There are only two classes a day and I am either commuting to work or at work most of the time.  But, I discovered a yoga program on my Wii fitness.  It makes use of the Wii fitness board to detect balance and shifts in balance.  There is a tutorial for each pose and you select a "trainer" to lead you through the exercises.  During a variety of poses, I have to stay within a yellow circle and follow the breathing.  It is not adapted for floor mat poses but does give instruction for positions and breathing.  I wish that there were more programs like this to use at home.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

A Look at Some of the Different Forms of Yoga


An experienced social worker and animal shelter employee, Dr. Patricia Lynn Hough enjoys keeping active. One of Dr. Patricia Lynn Hough’s favorite pastimes is yoga.

As people begin to research yoga studios, they may find the multitude of types to be overwhelming. Beginners often choose hatha yoga, which is a slow-moving type that focuses on basics. Practitioners of this variety typically focus on finding the right posture and holding it for a few breaths.

Another good option for beginners, Bikram yoga takes place in a heated, humidified room. Furthermore, one will find that all Bikram studios rely on the same sequence of postures over the course of 90 minutes, thus facilitating the practice’s rapid adoption. Bikram beginners should go slow and take breaks when needed.

A more challenging form of yoga, Ashtanga mimics Bikram in maintaining an order for its poses. In Ashtanga, there are six series of varying difficulty that individuals work through as they progress.

A generally high-intensity type of yoga, Ashtanga is somewhat less intense than Vinyasa, which focuses on breath and movement together. Individuals do not remain in poses very long, so Vinyasa provides a great workout.

Another popular style of yoga is Iyengar, which often uses props like ropes, straps, and blocks. In Iyengar, teachers are very picky about body position and working effectively within the existing range of motion.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Key Advice for Traveling to Developing Countries

Dr. Patricia Lynn Hough serves as a staff supervisor with St. Francis Animal Rescue in Venice, Florida. An avid traveler in her free time, Dr. Patricia Lynn Hough particularly enjoys visiting developing countries.

When visiting developing countries, individuals need to keep certain things in mind. For example, patience is necessary when traveling throughout the developing world. Sometimes, vans meant for six people will accept three times that number. Traveling can take much more time than expected, depending on the condition of bridges, roads, and the like. 

Travelers should also expect to get ripped off to some extent. Often imagining that they can haggle for the same prices as locals, many of these individuals will get agitated, if not hostile, when the vendor refuses to make concessions. In general, foreigners pay more, but chances are good that the purchase price is still relatively low given conversion rates. Haggling skills are important in developing countries. Part of haggling entails walking away after pointing out that the price is too high.

In general, travelers should avoid giving money to people on the street, but supporting local business is a different matter. The best way to help the local economy is to avoid chains and make purchases from area vendors instead.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017


This dates for the 2017 Sundance Film Festival are January 19 to January 29, 2017.  I was tied to an academic calendar for most of my career and unable to attend this film festival as the new semester usually commenced by mid-January.  Since retirement, however, all has changed and it has been a favorite journey to make.   Accommodations can be very expensive in Park City but prices are reasonable in Salt Cake City, especially for the weekend venues.   If you ski, there are ski areas in and around Park City with few ski lines during the film festival.  The bus transportation network in Park City gets you back and forth to the film venues efficiently.  My favorite films for the past several years have been the documentaries, both foreign and domestic.  The mountain scenery is breathtaking and it is worth the drive to leave Park City and go to the original Sundance Resort.