Thursday, September 29, 2016

Popular Diving Spots in Florida

Dr. Patricia Lynn Hough serves as the staff supervisor at St. Francis Animal Rescue, a role she has held since retiring from the field of social work and psychiatry. In this position, she oversees all adoptions, volunteers, and medical care of the cats and kittens at the shelter. In her free time, Dr. Patricia Lynn Hough enjoys scuba diving.

As a peninsula, Florida boasts a large share of great scuba spots. These areas expend along the state’s coasts and down into the Florida Keys. Below are some of Florida’s top scuba diving spots:

1. Kings Bay: a tranquil bay full of freshwater springs and plenty of fish, Kings Bay features warm water that makes for a comfortable diving experience. Divers regularly enjoy the area’s various rock formations and caverns, but the primary attraction of the spot are the manatees who often enjoy relaxing in the warmth.

2. Devil’s Den: located near Gainesville, Devil’s Den is viewed by many as one of the best cave diving experiences in the state. It was the source of many early settlers’ beliefs that the area was a gateway to hell and is now home to fossils that date back over two million years. The warm-water diving spot is also home to the bones of a 7,500-year-old man.

3. Copenhagen Wreck: a 325-foot steamship, the Copenhagen ran aground in 1900 in Pompano Beach after hitting a rock ledge roughly half a mile offshore. The wreckage sank in the shallow water and eventually became a popular diving spot. Now a Florida Archaeological Preserve, divers can still enjoy exploring the ship’s remains.

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